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I’ve been looking for other blogs to link to regarding in-laws, but there seems to be very few. And if I do find one, usually it’s been abandoned. Another favorite email from an emotionally crippled individual whom is stuck at around 7 years old: G, I’m sad that my children and I will never have […]

I may dedicate this blog to In-Laws with Narcissistic Personality Disorder and how it can disrupt and destroy families. The blog is getting hits from people looking for information regarding what I’m posting. It’s helping me with my own anxiety around it as well. This is a letter from the second sister to her 38 […]

I wanted to post my letters to g’s mother because they are like pieces of art, in my very humble opinion. M, I called you last weekend and told you the reason for my call was because G was unable to sleep after your daughters emailed that you were not doing well physically and emotionally. […]

We’ve had more unbelievable drama with his family. I finally had to write a no contact statement to his mother. Her obsession with controlling me and her son is sick. His family is incredibly dysfunctional and abusive. I will never speak to any of them again. They are emotional slobs. Dumping their shit anywhere and […]

**I originally posted this February 21 2010. I started a post about my husband’s mother, the source of so much anxiety and depression for the whole world. But I don’t have it in me right now to tell my story. A diagnosis by proxy is not a clinically valid diagnosis, but in the case of […]