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Found this here Question: How can I deal with a passive aggressive mother in law? So far I haven’t stood up to her, but I am so close. She has overstepped her boundaries in so many ways. My husband has confronted her about her behavior but she continues to make snide comments every time we […]

When the last big meltdown happened two months ago, I contacted my husband’s ex. She replied and told me the situation with his family will never change. You know those red flags you look out for when first dating? G told me he stopped working on his relationship with his ex after an intense altercation […]

I’ve been looking for other blogs to link to regarding in-laws, but there seems to be very few. And if I do find one, usually it’s been abandoned. Another favorite email from an emotionally crippled individual whom is stuck at around 7 years old: G, I’m sad that my children and I will never have […]

This is the second email (no contact statement) I sent his mother. I sent others to all three of them which I’ll post some other time. More along the lines of, “your mother is a freak”. But in the email below the details of how desperate she was to control me and make me acknowledge […]

There has been a series of erratic and bizarre gift giving over the past year. I’ll add the email explaining the details of her “gifts” tomorrow. Narcissistic Personality Disorder. How do Narcissists use giving gifts in their quest for power? A Narcissist will make strong attempts to control other’s views and behavior towards them. They […]

I may dedicate this blog to In-Laws with Narcissistic Personality Disorder and how it can disrupt and destroy families. The blog is getting hits from people looking for information regarding what I’m posting. It’s helping me with my own anxiety around it as well. This is a letter from the second sister to her 38 […]

I wanted to post my letters to g’s mother because they are like pieces of art, in my very humble opinion. M, I called you last weekend and told you the reason for my call was because G was unable to sleep after your daughters emailed that you were not doing well physically and emotionally. […]

We’ve had more unbelievable drama with his family. I finally had to write a no contact statement to his mother. Her obsession with controlling me and her son is sick. His family is incredibly dysfunctional and abusive. I will never speak to any of them again. They are emotional slobs. Dumping their shit anywhere and […]

**I originally posted this February 21 2010. I started a post about my husband’s mother, the source of so much anxiety and depression for the whole world. But I don’t have it in me right now to tell my story. A diagnosis by proxy is not a clinically valid diagnosis, but in the case of […]

Last night my husband and I were discussing sex (or lack of) and he said that I’m “different” — that I’m still attractive, but wholesome. Who in the heck would say this to a pregnant woman? My face must have morphed into something quite disturbing because an immediate look of regret washed over his face. […]

I was tagged by my new friend Tammi who is very sweet and funny. I thoroughly enjoy keeping up with her blog. 1) I have situational and generalized depression and generalized anxiety. For example, situational depression- I’m not working right now or contributing financially, so I’m depressed. I’m isolated with little contact with the outside […]


Oh my God! My body must be producing zero serotonin. I have days when something great happens and I actually feel as though I’m in a moderately positive mood- but then, there it goes, sliding right through my fingers. It’s so frustrating. I feel like there are hundred pound weights strapped all over my body. […]

fake book


I posted the ultrasound stills of the baby on Facebook and anounced the pregnancy.  A slow, wry smile formed across my face as I typed, “we are so excited and drunk with joy” (or, something like that)  If all those “friends” and relatives I rarely speak to knew that only a couple of days ago […]

For this post, I also Googled Images for, “preachers with big hair”. I have many new movies to watch. I can’t seem to stick with a film longer than 10 minutes before starting a new one. I feel as though I’m going to claw my way right out of my own skin or hurl myself […]


Simply because of my age I get all kinds of genetic testing for The Babe. I’m having another ultrasound tomorrow because the baby was vertical on Tuesday and they were unable to get the the clear pictures they need to make a proper diagnoses. I’m perfectly confident that the baby is healthy and does not […]

His words were raining down on me, “you can do this, Sweetheart, it’s just the depression.  I will owe you everything, Victoria, if you go on- if you keep our baby, I know this is what you want, too, I know you want this, but you are so scared. You are just so scared.” As […]

easy shit like this will cure my depression: abstain from alcohol and sugar exercise regularly get outside and experience nature get some sunshine eat right (vegetables and stuff like that) take supplements which takes testing to figure out what my body needs (ie proper amino acids) get out in the world and have some sort […]

We went to a movie then for shitty pizza. It wasn’t as much the pizza as it was the atmosphere. We were seated next to the restrooms in a table among other tables that seemed to have been set up at the last minute because they ran out of room. The place was absolutely freezing […]

Man, did I wake up in a nasty mood. G gets the weekends off, but his wife is so miserable, his wife is always miserable, it seems, the poor guy. When I get like this I know the only thing I can do is force myself to work, so within the hour I’m going to […]

1. Soak cups full of raw organic almonds overnight 2. Blanch almonds (20 seconds in boiling water) 3. Blend almonds with water 4. Strain almond milk 5. Pour over some sort of healthy cereal with a lot of natural honey in it 6. Feel sick from eating too fast 7. Take a pain pill from […]

blatantly lying


I seldom flat out lie.  Our feng sui consultant called on Wednesday night and asked if I was done with the front lawn weeding and mulching.  I said “YES” … I haven’t even started yet and it’s been raining since I hung up the phone with her two days ago. I just called her to […]

After 4 weeks of pregnancy I didn’t want to be pregnant anymore. God forbid anything be the least bit difficult in my life leaving me no choice but to whine. Ugh, the realization that I’d actually have to work at something so hard for the rest of my life. I’m going to be forced to […]

I had a manic evening after finding super cool stuff on Etsy and deciding my calling must be knitting.  Yipee!!  It lasted about, oh, 12 hours or so, then, instead, I started another weblog.