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We went out on Friday night with g’s best friends. Well, they are my best friends, too! We had a really great time. I can’t remember the last time we got out and had a real dinner. I definitely can’t remember the last we witnessed live music. It would be nice to get out a […]



Because we are waiting for the code to once again be broken, we haven’t had cable in several months. Luckily, the release, it’s eminent. Today we ordered Netflix and went “into town” to purchase a network blu ray player so we can instantly watch movies and TV episodes on our TV in as little as […]

Just the two of us, the baby and I as g couldn’t be there. He’s been to all of our apts so it wasn’t the same without him. The testing went just fine. The Babe is pretty cute. I’m still trying to figure out how to write about these new feelings regarding the pregnancy and […]

His words were raining down on me, “you can do this, Sweetheart, it’s just the depression.  I will owe you everything, Victoria, if you go on- if you keep our baby, I know this is what you want, too, I know you want this, but you are so scared. You are just so scared.” As […]

We went to a movie then for shitty pizza. It wasn’t as much the pizza as it was the atmosphere. We were seated next to the restrooms in a table among other tables that seemed to have been set up at the last minute because they ran out of room. The place was absolutely freezing […]

Man, did I wake up in a nasty mood. G gets the weekends off, but his wife is so miserable, his wife is always miserable, it seems, the poor guy. When I get like this I know the only thing I can do is force myself to work, so within the hour I’m going to […]