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jan 1


and the holidays are over … I was pretty engaged this year, maybe even busy. I actually sent Christmas cards. Though I did a lot of shopping and shipping, we didn’t spend very much on gifts. We spent quite a bit on our tree and the shipping to family was a rip off. New Year’s […]

home sweet home


I returned home from my visit with my family last Monday. As I mentioned in previous posts, everyone in my family was sick during my visit so, while there, I didn’t do much of anything I’d planned. Plus, I didn’t want to visit with friends who have children in case I was carrying the flu. […]

I didn’t find much avocado, mustard, orange or chocolate colored goodies at my mother’s this visit.  Over the years I’ve been able to successfully steal most of the cool shit. The sewing machine, if I remember correctly, is a luscious, ugly shade of milk chocolate. I talked to my sister and, since she doesn’t sew, […]

dear diary


I’m leaving on Tuesday morning to visit my family. I’m feeling good about it and I’m energetic enough to make the trip. They don’t live in northern California, but it gets me out of here and I’d enjoy seeing them anywhere- Ok, except maybe anywhere in the South. Wink. I’m looking forward to sewing with […]