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Well, I made big plans, but didn’t get much done. What a surprise. Also, I ended up with a flu like thing last week. However, the little girl does have a closet now! I painted the doors months ago, but painted the inside over the weekend. Did a lot of organizing in the kitchen as […]

We went out on Friday night with g’s best friends. Well, they are my best friends, too! We had a really great time. I can’t remember the last time we got out and had a real dinner. I definitely can’t remember the last we witnessed live music. It would be nice to get out a […]

I’m working on putting this desk together. I found this door for ten bucks which continues to delight me. Recently, I ran across a shop with various crap doors for $60-$125 and I’m compelled to proudly report that my door is far superior. I was holding out for two filing cabinets instead of sawhorses for […]

G made these for me and I put postcards from my travels in them. The Greece photos are my favorite. Trying to show off the exposed trusses in this photo. I took this in Oia, Greece, I think I may frame it.

I brought some thrift t-shirts to make a couple of these with my niece. (if she gets over her 104 degree temperature before I leave) Kandee has a killer CBGB t-shirt she made into a halter, however, for some odd reason, I couldn’t find a t-shirt of comparable coolness in North Carolina. 😉 I suppose […]

I only found Etsy about a month ago when I acquired some sort of knitting/craft bug. I don’t even know how to knit. I asked my sister what was up with pregnancy and the immediate desire to knit a sweater. Then I started this new blog so I could complain about my horrible perfect life […]

blatantly lying


I seldom flat out lie.  Our feng sui consultant called on Wednesday night and asked if I was done with the front lawn weeding and mulching.  I said “YES” … I haven’t even started yet and it’s been raining since I hung up the phone with her two days ago. I just called her to […]

I had a manic evening after finding super cool stuff on Etsy and deciding my calling must be knitting.  Yipee!!  It lasted about, oh, 12 hours or so, then, instead, I started another weblog.