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I’m working on putting this desk together. I found this door for ten bucks which continues to delight me. Recently, I ran across a shop with various crap doors for $60-$125 and I’m compelled to proudly report that my door is far superior. I was holding out for two filing cabinets instead of sawhorses for […]

I drifted in and out of five antique stores today. There are many antique and thrift stores close together in the town next to us. I moped in and out, from one to the next in silence, feeling sad and not finding anything fantastic. I stopped to look at a few pieces of Fostoria, old […]

I didn’t find much avocado, mustard, orange or chocolate colored goodies at my mother’s this visit.  Over the years I’ve been able to successfully steal most of the cool shit. The sewing machine, if I remember correctly, is a luscious, ugly shade of milk chocolate. I talked to my sister and, since she doesn’t sew, […]

I’ve never been hugely into make-up but I could watch Kandee Johnson all day long. It’s very inspirational to watch someone do what they were meant to do … whatever it is. Happy Halloween!!!



Because we are waiting for the code to once again be broken, we haven’t had cable in several months. Luckily, the release, it’s eminent. Today we ordered Netflix and went “into town” to purchase a network blu ray player so we can instantly watch movies and TV episodes on our TV in as little as […]

The Vita-Mix. To me, the coolest part is the ability to boil and to freeze. High-speed blade action is the secret to friction cooking and making frozen treats. For frozen, the high-performance hammermill and cutting blades crush frozen ingredients and release coldness. Vitamix processing is so fast, there is no time for melting and the […]