in-laws suck



2 Responses to “in-laws suck”

  1. yay! im so glad you sent me the link. i could not remember it to save my life! (now that i have the info to this blog and the other one you linked to, i’ll probably delete your comment though because i dont want my MIL finding me here. i need this place to vent. ) 🙂

    anyway, my MIL has been really nice (almost too nice) since we moved to oregon, giving me compliments on my writing, crafting, etc, she even surprised me with a new sewing machine. on the one hand, im thankful shes being nice, but jay and i are proceeding with caution because we know how quickly things can change with her because shes still a very narcissistic person.

    for instance: at xmas time jay compiled a bunch (two boxes) of fun food type things from Trader Joes to send them since they dont have TJ’s down south. i also bought her a candle, some Fresh perfume, and i crocheted her some dish cloths. she immediately called and thanked us but then after xmas was over she posted on her facebook about how the holidays suck and she never gets what she wants. i was like, WTF?! the whole thing just really bugged me because we worked hard to get her what we thought was a thoughtful gift, while still remaining in our budget.

  2. uhhhgggg! It’s all about them, isn’t it?! What adult (old as dirt in their case) complains they don’t get want they want for Christmas? What is she, 10 years old? G’s mother used to call him and tell him what to buy her, or tell his sisters to call him and tell him. Last year, (2009) she called and told him not only what to buy her, but to buy her husband a specific gift card because she knew her husband would turn around and give it to her. Selfish, greedy woman! We were expecting our first child … as if running around spending a bunch of money on her was the plan for that Christmas! She got a framed photo of us on our wedding day. I bet she LOVED that! 😀

    Anyway, it sounds like proceeding with caution is a good idea! I had someone in my life for a long time that would kill me with kindness, then pull the rug out from underneath me. Sounds like she may have built you up just to take you down again. Typical narcissistic behavior. Especially since you’ve been so happy with your move- they really like to bring those they can affect, right back down to their miserable level. Or, perhaps she was directing it at someone else that didn’t get her what she “wanted for Christmas” .. either way, you can bet it wasn’t an innocent comment. I would say don’t let her ridiculous behavior bother you, but I know all too well how impossible that can be! I still think about G’s family debacle every single day! I’m mad at myself for wasting so much time thinking about what they’ve said and done.

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