the crazy stalker continues to make the world miserable


I’ve been looking for other blogs to link to regarding in-laws, but there seems to be very few. And if I do find one, usually it’s been abandoned.

Another favorite email from an emotionally crippled individual whom is stuck at around 7 years old:

I’m sad that my children and I will never have a relationship with your child and future children. I truly hope that you are happy and never realize that your current wife is way CRAZIER than your ex ever thought of being. At least with her you knew what you were getting. With V she is deadly. She continues to bash my Mother. I say my Mother because clearly you have no feelings for her. I am shocked that you are so blind, but I guess I shouldn’t be. It makes me sad to know that I’ve lost any kind of relationship with you, and not because of Mom, or anything she did, but because your wife doesn’t want to share. She is not welcome in my home, not welcome to speak to or ever see me or my children, ever. You are still welcome and I will always love you and Sophie but I am completely done with your wife. Do not speak of her to me, she is dead. I love you and hope like hell that witch doesn’t completely destroy you. I will always be here for you if you need me…that’s what family does.

So I came across this pic somewhere on the Internet and it made me smile.

HONESTLY??!! Not because of anything my mommy did, but because your wife doesn’t want to share you with us???!!!! Holy shit.

Anyway, the ignorance floors me. And let me just say, my husband has had very little contact with her children over the years. Her comment about his children being close with her children is an attempt to guilt him, period. It’s bullshit. Another attempt at guilt: you don’t love our mother. But, this is what happens when you have an over bearing, severe alcoholic mother. She has taught her daughters from birth to eat out of the palm of her hand. She has “spells” .. she hyperventilates, stutters and all kinds of things. (Histrionic Personality Disorder) When she calls her poor daughters crying and stuttering, they will do anything she requests. Even if it means a full on attack on another sibling. And, of course, I love the “the witch is going to destroy you” and “you only love her and think you are happy because you are too blind to see what a horrible person she is” — please keep in mind this is ALL because I would not speak to their mother several times a week. Because I did not want to be “friends” with a terribly abusive and alcoholic woman. All because I would not turn my life and my will over to a controlling and Narcissistic freak.


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