peeing and red sauce


Last night my husband and I were discussing sex (or lack of) and he said that I’m “different” — that I’m still attractive, but wholesome. Who in the heck would say this to a pregnant woman? My face must have morphed into something quite disturbing because an immediate look of regret washed over his face. Our bed is huge. I slept aaaalllll the way to the corner on my side of the bed … I was so far over that I could have easily fallen off in the middle of the night. I never sleep that far over. I’m so obvious, and it’s easy for him to make up with me. I will probably milk this all weekend and collect as many compliments as I can. The truth? I’m feeling lazy and sex seems to be a big chore for me lately.

Before moving to the other side of the bed, I went out to the kitchen. I had just taken a shower and was standing there … naked. As I reached for my prenatal vitamin, I started peeing on the floor. This is right after my husband said I am “different”. What’s so different about an eight month pregnant woman with bladder control issues standing in the kitchen peeing … naked?

I soaked and cooked organic red beans and then made meat sauce. I make it with free range, organic turkey meat and hot and mild chicken sausages. Fresh basil and all kinds of fresh Italian seasoning and LOTS of fresh garlic! I put some red wine in and let it simmer all day. I have to say, my sauce is pretty darn good.


2 Responses to “peeing and red sauce”

  1. ha ha ha. i love you victoria.

    your hubby needs to watch his tongue. im sure he meant nothing by it, but yeah…not the greatest compliment.

    sex can be a chore for me too. sometimes im totally into it, other times its just another thing on the to-do list.

    tina fey has this great line in an episode of 30 Rock. shes talking about dating someone new and she says something to the effect of, “I wish we could just fast forward 15 years when we can just hang out, goof on some TV, and then go to bed without anyone trying any funny business.” WORD!

  2. Tammy, you are the best! I was so down when I checked in to get your comment. It really made my day! 🙂

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