Well, I made big plans, but didn’t get much done. What a surprise. Also, I ended up with a flu like thing last week. However, the little girl does have a closet now! I painted the doors months ago, but painted the inside over the weekend. Did a lot of organizing in the kitchen as well. The kitchen cabs were out of control.

I made up a holiday for myself years ago. It’s called “The Second Saturday of March”. I don’t think I’ve ever told anyone, really. My goal each year on this day is to do something productive or beautiful. Since it’s springtime, I usually do something outside. Anyway, as long as I’m not indulging in depressing activities, such as sitting on the couch eating banana chips.

So we nested all day and feasted on Whole Foods fare.


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  1. oh, i love all those little pink baby clothes. i just want to sniff ’em.

    is that weird?

  2. No, not weird. They are irresistible, really. I always said I would NOT do pink. I was shopping for pink the day after I found out her gender. These clothes do not smell like ginger and spice though … more like Ross and fresh paint. đŸ˜‰ Just another thing on the list of things to do before she gets here.

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