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Last night my husband and I were discussing sex (or lack of) and he said that I’m “different” — that I’m still attractive, but wholesome. Who in the heck would say this to a pregnant woman? My face must have morphed into something quite disturbing because an immediate look of regret washed over his face. […]


Well, I made big plans, but didn’t get much done. What a surprise. Also, I ended up with a flu like thing last week. However, the little girl does have a closet now! I painted the doors months ago, but painted the inside over the weekend. Did a lot of organizing in the kitchen as […]

We went out on Friday night with g’s best friends. Well, they are my best friends, too! We had a really great time. I can’t remember the last time we got out and had a real dinner. I definitely can’t remember the last we witnessed live music. It would be nice to get out a […]

32 weeks


I haven’t posted about the baby in awhile. I started this blog pretty early in my pregnancy, when I was ambivalent, scared, depressed and freaked out about it. I felt weird and guilty about blogging about her after all the horrible feelings I had about being pregnant. After my first 3-D ultrasound, at 11 weeks, […]