an antique door desk


I’m working on putting this desk together. I found this door for ten bucks which continues to delight me. Recently, I ran across a shop with various crap doors for $60-$125 and I’m compelled to proudly report that my door is far superior. I was holding out for two filing cabinets instead of sawhorses for the extra storage, but I think I’m going for the look in the photo since I haven’t come across matching cabinets. Also, I want to keep the handles attached so I’m trying to come up with an alternative to a glass top.


2 Responses to “an antique door desk”

  1. i love repurposing things. we have a shed filled with stuff we have big plans for. we may need to start pitching some of it. there isnt enough time in the day.

  2. hey lady, you havent been in blog land much lately….hope all is well.

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