thrifting and etsy


I drifted in and out of five antique stores today. There are many antique and thrift stores close together in the town next to us. I moped in and out, from one to the next in silence, feeling sad and not finding anything fantastic. I stopped to look at a few pieces of Fostoria, old Pyrex and some Fire-King “Jade-ite”. Actually, the Fire-King reamer which caught my attention is a reproduction. Fire-King 2000. “Reproductions of a Jeannette reamer top and a US GLass pitcher wedded to make an item never produced by either of those companies.”

I’m wanting to continue collecting random pieces. I’m also looking to find a specific line of some sort. Nothing overly popular or expensive, which automatically alleviates Fire-King Restaurantware from the list. Thankfully, it’s not on my favorites list. I do, however, like amber Fostoria glassware. My mother’s best friend had a set and I remember it clearly. I’m going to ask her about them. I will continue my search for something I love.

Any which way, I tried to find solace in the sad quietness of it all today, by reminding myself that soon, I’ll have a baby to distract me twenty-four hours a day. Speaking of a crazy life with a baby, I’m tired of everyone saying, “oh you just wait, you’re going to be miserable. Your going to wish you could shove that baby back up there after not sleeping or having any privacy ever again”.  I don’t know, I’m not buying it … it can’t be so debilitating, can it? I’m thinking it’s going to be somewhere in the middle of beautiful, soft and easy to uncontrollably chaotic. I believe I may have just stated the obvious.

And, I just can not visit Etsy without instantly falling in love with something.



2 Responses to “thrifting and etsy”

  1. yes. enjoy the quiet. and take naps. i havent napped in 11 years.

    i think the people you hang out with are far too negative. oh you’ll be tired. trust me, you’ll experience sleep deprivation like you’ve never known. and that baby will wake you up at 2 in the morning, after you (and it) have only been asleep for an hour. and you’ll mumble something about truly hating baby. but then you’ll see baby. and really, it’s all worth it.

    as for privacy…yeah, get used to having little eyes watch you poop.

  2. It’s my sister! I was born when she was 31/2 and she’s never gotten over it. She secretly wants only for me to be happy, but outwardly, she loves to torture me! “you just wait, you just wait.” Whatever! Grrrrrrrr!

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