ten honest things about me


I was tagged by my new friend Tammi who is very sweet and funny. I thoroughly enjoy keeping up with her blog.

1) I have situational and generalized depression and generalized anxiety. For example, situational depression- I’m not working right now or contributing financially, so I’m depressed. I’m isolated with little contact with the outside world, so I’m depressed. Stuff like that. This would be the third genuine depression I’ve experienced. The first was in tenth grade, from sixteen to eighteen years old, when a bunch of weird shit happened. The second lasted eighteen months when I was twenty-six after sustaining a blown ACL in a snow skiing accident.

2) I quit college to attend massage therapy school. Now, fifteen years later, many universities offer associate and bachelor degrees in body work, which of course pisses me off. I would not have left university to attend a technical school if they’d offered what I wanted. Because after all, it’s all about me and what I want.

3) I was a cheerleader throughout high school. For various reasons, by mid-season, I was kicked off the squad three out of the four years.

4) I’ve known my husband for seventeen years and we have a dog.

5) I’ve had five years of photography classes and love it. I have a shit camera and have for years now. I don’t see myself getting back into it anytime soon.

6) I’m am half Polish and half Italian. I look very southern Italian with dark hair and dark eyes. My husband is an Irish boy with true Baldwin eyes, seriously, he could be related. (that was for Tammi) 🙂

7) I’m an equine sportsman and have competed on and off since I was a child. I am currently selling my horse since my focus will be elsewhere when baby comes.

8 ) I had my boobs done … I didn’t think my body would ever be pregnant with child, so it looks as though my breasts will soon be back where they started pre-op. They are already the size of Texas, each. You don’t have to be extraordinarily vain to have your boobs fixed. It’s a girl thing … obviously.

9) I believe I have an eclectic taste. I enjoy all sorts of different looks. I have things in our home that are American, European, Mexican, Asian. Things that are new, things that are old. Things that are hippie-ish and things that are traditional.

10) Though I can have a pretty outgoing personality, I can be horribly elusive and consider myself anti-social. With my generalized anxiety comes social anxiety, as well. Overbearing, pushy people that want to get all up in my business are barking up the wrong tree.



4 Responses to “ten honest things about me”

  1. dont ever let me meet your husband. ha….no just kidding. i wouldnt hump his leg like a dog or anything. i reserve that right for real baldwins. but not stephen. i hate him.

    i love your ten things. i think its so much fun finding random things about people.

    i would love to take a photography class. my camera right now is on its last leg though so probably no time soon.

  2. Oh, and does he hate being compared to Stephen!! I’ll have to email you a photo of him. It’s pretty funny. As he gets older and continues to enjoy his Irish whiskey, he’s also becoming as puffy and filled out as Alec. 🙂 He’s a cutie (in my opinion of course, which is no doubt bias) It’s really the eyes and cheek bones- not too much below there, I don’t think. Plus Alec is darker (hair and stuff).

    Alec is such a talent. I’m sure you’ve seen the movie “the juror”? I think that’s the first thing I remember seeing him in.


  3. rest assured, i saw no stephen resemblance.

  4. I had my boobs done as well. After the birth of my two Offspring. I consider it reconstructive surgery. I breastfed both of them…all the damn time. I mean, I never bought formula. Ever. I pumped. A lot. I say all that to give you some inkling of the wear and tear that was put upon my formerly C cup perky boobs.

    After weaning The Girl they turned into the most disgusting things ever. Really. Ask my friend Lia that is linked to often on my blog. They were two empty water balloon sacks. They reduced themselves to a point that I was buying training bras next to the Dora panties at Target. And no, that’s not a joke.

    So I now have big (C cup) fake boobs.

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