righteous pillage


I didn’t find much avocado, mustard, orange or chocolate colored goodies at my mother’s this visit.  Over the years I’ve been able to successfully steal most of the cool shit. The sewing machine, if I remember correctly, is a luscious, ugly shade of milk chocolate. I talked to my sister and, since she doesn’t sew, she’s willing to give it up.

My mother is unusually organized with a huge three-walled pantry. She has my late grandmother’s set of china and pots and pans, her husband’s late mother’s silver and all of her own stuff, so I plan on grabbing something. She also has, like, 12 colanders.  For realz.


80s Pyrex. She’s been holding on to these for awhile now because I didn’t want to send them to CA or carry them back with me. I was delighted to see four bowls. I remembered there being three.

From her mid-eighties Caribbean cruising. She has several of the same wicker bread/fruit baskets. I need one, I’m sure of it.

I can’t believe I’m blogging about my mother’s pantry and pots and pans. I’m officially an obsessed nester.

Lately I’ve been feeling myself slowly falling into a passionate, forever-burning-love with The Babe.


2 Responses to “righteous pillage”

  1. she has some cool stuff and im totally jealous of her pantry size.

  2. I know, right??!! Her pantry is larger than most apartments I’ve had!! 🙂

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