my need to make stuff


I only found Etsy about a month ago when I acquired some sort of knitting/craft bug. I don’t even know how to knit. I asked my sister what was up with pregnancy and the immediate desire to knit a sweater. Then I started this new blog so I could complain about my horrible perfect life and found tons of other stay at home moms that are beginner knitters, sewers, chefs and all around creative, crafty souls that shop on Etsy!

I want a sewing machine, but I also want instruction which is pricey. I can bring my machine (that I don’t own yet) to a class, sew something and pay $96.00 for 4 hours. This sounds expensive to me, but I should just do it and then practice on my own. However, I’m terribly lazy and don’t like to practice anything.

Here are a couple of things I like … I absolutely love baby hats! When I finally get a grip on the fact that I’m pregnant and then actually give birth to a child, I intend to start them in hat training straight away

aredhatoh the cuteness

ababyhata baby elf hat from here

applehatthis apple hat kills me


a sweater knitted by this amazing woman


3 Responses to “my need to make stuff”

  1. ive only been sewing for about a year. i taught myself. if i can do it, so can you. i still havent fully mastered it yet and ive yet to make anything from an actual pattern (as opposed to a tutorial off the internet) but ive gotten way better. i love making skirts for my little girl and handbags.

    kitting though…….is beyond me. i cant get it. ive said before that i think i need a kindly grandmother type to help me out.

    i love etsy. if i was having a baby id be in seventh heaven on etsy. bills would go unpaid and my house would overflow with homemade goods.

  2. I know! I would love a cool grandmother type neighbor. Cool being the key word – if your MIL didn’t call you deragatory names and mine didn’t suffer from a severe and progressive personality disorder we’d have it made. Well, if they sewed of course.

    I’ve seen your skirts and handbags. I think that scarf and pillow case dress is so cute, too! I checked out a Singer Inspiration today (I found it on sale for 149) but I’m not ready to take the plunge yet. I’m going to definitely look for a used machine as well. Unfortunately my sister already grabbed my mother’s which is fine because my mom never used it anyway! 🙂

  3. maybe your MIL and my MIL are the same person.

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