Simply because of my age I get all kinds of genetic testing for The Babe. I’m having another ultrasound tomorrow because the baby was vertical on Tuesday and they were unable to get the the clear pictures they need to make a proper diagnoses. I’m perfectly confident that the baby is healthy and does not have any genetic issues. His nasal bones are developed and though the pics were blurry because of his position, all the neck measurements are 1.0mm. I’m happy they are doing another because I get to spend another 45 minutes with the baby.

I’m very relieved that I stopped craving booze. I don’t know what happened but it stopped all of a sudden. A couple of weeks ago when the morning sickness ended, I was constantly agitated because all I wanted to do was drink. Also, very recently, my eating changed. I’m eating larger meals and stuffing my face more often now.

Today was sucky. I’ve been so fucking bored. I find no book or movie engaging. I can’t think of anything worth leaving the house for and being stuck here is even worse. I’m going to leave after my next dr’s apt on the 27th to visit friends. I know I will not want to come back for like, a month, but being separated from g for long periods of time sucks too.


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