i have all the answers, see, but it avails me nothing


easy shit like this will cure my depression:

abstain from alcohol and sugar
exercise regularly
get outside and experience nature
get some sunshine
eat right (vegetables and stuff like that)
take supplements which takes testing to figure out what my body needs (ie proper amino acids)
get out in the world and have some sort of social existence
follow my passions in life
do yoga
see a therapist and talk it out
do gestalt
get acupuncture
receive energy work from a light worker (reiki or cranial sacral therapy)
get spiritual (in my case spiritual is not religious)

For me, all of this will cure anxiety and depression, however, it’s very difficult to stick to this type of lifestyle. Come to think of it, it’s very difficult to do any of this when I’m anxious and depressed! Also, after a couple of weeks of clean livin’, I start to get edgy and uncomfortable with feeling healthy and slip and drink dirty martinis (or, while pregnant, eat a 1/2 pound of sour patch kids and a pan of brownies for dinner) and my brain tweeks.

And that downward spiral? It spirals down further than the last episode and I have a panic attack realizing that, this time, I may be screwed to the bed forever.


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