blatantly lying


I seldom flat out lie.  Our feng sui consultant called on Wednesday night and asked if I was done with the front lawn weeding and mulching.  I said “YES” … I haven’t even started yet and it’s been raining since I hung up the phone with her two days ago.

I just called her to find out when she’s coming to the house for our “sell the house ceremony” and she may be coming tomorrow morning.  I have to dig up the weeds, grass and diseased-looking ugly bushes, shape and mulch everything by then.  Now see, if I didn’t lie, I could have sprayed round up and waited the week for the weeds to die.  Maybe I’ll just throw soil over everything and wait for the weeds to grow back through and then spray?  Cool.  Half-assed perfection.

This would be The Before which includes a planter filled with weeds from, like, two months ago:



Update. This is after an entire day of doing almost nothing. Do you like the initial snake-patterned border and the deck full of unopened tan bark and potting soil? Lame. This has been going on for months. Oh, look, one budding pink flower. I’m going to do the house ceremony myself with G and postpone her visit. Which is exactly what I get for lying!




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