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I’ve never been hugely into make-up but I could watch Kandee Johnson all day long. It’s very inspirational to watch someone do what they were meant to do … whatever it is. Happy Halloween!!! Advertisements


Oh my God! My body must be producing zero serotonin. I have days when something great happens and I actually feel as though I’m in a moderately positive mood- but then, there it goes, sliding right through my fingers. It’s so frustrating. I feel like there are hundred pound weights strapped all over my body. […]

I made hot 7 layer dip last night I layered it as follows: 2 cans organic fat-free re-fried beans- I usually mix them with olive oil and my own spices but, this time, I also used a package of natural taco seasoning (which just means, according to the label, it was sans funky shit) sour […]

buy buckets full of dry, organic garbanzo beans soak 3 cups of filtered water per 1 cup of beans in a sauce pan overnight in the morning rinse and put fresh water in the pan (about 2 or 3 inches above top of the beans) simmer for what will seem like forever rinse and gently […]

a bright idea


I’m not going to spend any money next month. Over the past several months, to relieve boredom, I have food shopped enough to feed some sort of commune in November, let alone the two of us. I feel as though it would be best for me to get out of the habit of shopping and […]

fake book


I posted the ultrasound stills of the baby on Facebook and anounced the pregnancy.  A slow, wry smile formed across my face as I typed, “we are so excited and drunk with joy” (or, something like that)  If all those “friends” and relatives I rarely speak to knew that only a couple of days ago […]

I only found Etsy about a month ago when I acquired some sort of knitting/craft bug. I don’t even know how to knit. I asked my sister what was up with pregnancy and the immediate desire to knit a sweater. Then I started this new blog so I could complain about my horrible perfect life […]

good news


Our genetic counselor called first thing this morning. The Babe’s numbers are high enough that we’ve decided not to move forward with any other more invasive tests. This is really great news. We didn’t have to do any of this testing but, I’m nuts, so I would never have survived not knowing until the end. […]

For this post, I also Googled Images for, “preachers with big hair”. I have many new movies to watch. I can’t seem to stick with a film longer than 10 minutes before starting a new one. I feel as though I’m going to claw my way right out of my own skin or hurl myself […]



Because we are waiting for the code to once again be broken, we haven’t had cable in several months. Luckily, the release, it’s eminent. Today we ordered Netflix and went “into town” to purchase a network blu ray player so we can instantly watch movies and TV episodes on our TV in as little as […]

Just the two of us, the baby and I as g couldn’t be there. He’s been to all of our apts so it wasn’t the same without him. The testing went just fine. The Babe is pretty cute. I’m still trying to figure out how to write about these new feelings regarding the pregnancy and […]


Simply because of my age I get all kinds of genetic testing for The Babe. I’m having another ultrasound tomorrow because the baby was vertical on Tuesday and they were unable to get the the clear pictures they need to make a proper diagnoses. I’m perfectly confident that the baby is healthy and does not […]

tortilla soup


First of all, because I must bitch, I have to shop at 5 grocery stores to get the ingredients I like, and a couple of these freaking stores are an hour plus drive. Not only does eating out here completely suck, but try finding great healthy ingredients to cook. And forget gourmet … blah blah […]

The Vita-Mix. To me, the coolest part is the ability to boil and to freeze. High-speed blade action is the secret to friction cooking and making frozen treats. For frozen, the high-performance hammermill and cutting blades crush frozen ingredients and release coldness. Vitamix processing is so fast, there is no time for melting and the […]

right on


in 3d


We had the ultrasound and the baby is so beautiful. Really the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.

His words were raining down on me, “you can do this, Sweetheart, it’s just the depression.  I will owe you everything, Victoria, if you go on- if you keep our baby, I know this is what you want, too, I know you want this, but you are so scared. You are just so scared.” As […]

easy shit like this will cure my depression: abstain from alcohol and sugar exercise regularly get outside and experience nature get some sunshine eat right (vegetables and stuff like that) take supplements which takes testing to figure out what my body needs (ie proper amino acids) get out in the world and have some sort […]

We went to a movie then for shitty pizza. It wasn’t as much the pizza as it was the atmosphere. We were seated next to the restrooms in a table among other tables that seemed to have been set up at the last minute because they ran out of room. The place was absolutely freezing […]

Man, did I wake up in a nasty mood. G gets the weekends off, but his wife is so miserable, his wife is always miserable, it seems, the poor guy. When I get like this I know the only thing I can do is force myself to work, so within the hour I’m going to […]

1. Soak cups full of raw organic almonds overnight 2. Blanch almonds (20 seconds in boiling water) 3. Blend almonds with water 4. Strain almond milk 5. Pour over some sort of healthy cereal with a lot of natural honey in it 6. Feel sick from eating too fast 7. Take a pain pill from […]

blatantly lying


I seldom flat out lie.  Our feng sui consultant called on Wednesday night and asked if I was done with the front lawn weeding and mulching.  I said “YES” … I haven’t even started yet and it’s been raining since I hung up the phone with her two days ago. I just called her to […]



pull everything out of your refrigerator, put in large mixing bowl, mix. half a rotisserie chicken fresh basil before it’s not fresh anymore fresh mozzarella before it’s not fresh anymore leftover dinner from two nights ago like, two spoonfuls of couscous and one broccoli floret … seriously some mushrooms half of two side salads chopped […]

After 4 weeks of pregnancy I didn’t want to be pregnant anymore. God forbid anything be the least bit difficult in my life leaving me no choice but to whine. Ugh, the realization that I’d actually have to work at something so hard for the rest of my life. I’m going to be forced to […]

The food sucks, period. I’ll be honest, I’m a snob, particularly a food snob and since getting here from SF it’s been my biggest complaint. Then there are the people, and the terrible driving, the general ignorance and racism … and the weird church thing. First thing is first- the freaking food, it’s just so […]

I had a manic evening after finding super cool stuff on Etsy and deciding my calling must be knitting.  Yipee!!  It lasted about, oh, 12 hours or so, then, instead, I started another weblog.